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Repair and replacement


Next Trade’s experts carry out the full scope of repairs and retrofitting of valves by Mokveld and other manufacturers.

Next Trade Group is well-positioned for successful repair of control and surge valves by manufacturers of products similar to ours, also listed in Gazprom’s Register of suppliers, thanks to the availability of:
–  required technology and equipment;
– warehouse stock materials;
– qualified staff able to investigate problems quickly and issue the necessary documentation;
– cooperative relationships with accessory suppliers.
All these factors can significantly reduce the time for manufacture of spare parts and repair of equipment at the factory to as little as two months.

The scope of repair works rendered by Next Trade includes:

– rapid technician arrival on-site to investigate and address the cause of failures. Preventive inspection, commissioning and start-up of equipment.
– Technical evaluation of valve mechanisms, instruments and hydro/pneumatic actuators.
– Adjustment and replacement of worn-out components using original consumables and techniques recommended by Mokveld Valves.

Next Trade’s specialists employ new solutions to manufacture parts and repair valves, producing and selecting the right tools and instruments  to reduce the overhaul repair time. We employ a complex approach to our service activity, both replacing failed parts and advising the customer on how to extend the equipment’s useful life.