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On October 9, 2017, NEXT TRADE’s products were added to the Register of equipment admitted to Gazprom facilities.

NEXT TRADE GROUP specializes in the manufacture of spare parts under the import substitution program, as well as non-standard gas production equipment to replace imported equipment used in Gazprom fields. The company’s main partner is Gazprom Dobycha Astrakhan (operating pressures up to 70 MPa (700 kg/cm2), high content of hydrogen sulfide (H2S up to 27%) and carbon dioxide (CO2 up to 20%)). Patented needle valves and abundant experience in using stainless steel alloys and materials from the aerospace industry.

Currently, NEXT TRADE manufactures and delivers the following products under the import phase-out program:
– Control and surge valves analogous to Mokveld valves;
– Wedge-gate valves analogous to Roforge, UFR, LOG;
– Needle valves analogous to Swagelock;
– Gate valves analogous to Cameron, FMC, Malbranque.
– Components for foreign oil and gas equipment, including equipment tailored to conditions of operating pressures of up to 70 MPa, high H2S content and CO2 in mass fractions of up to 25%.

NEXT TRADE’s equipment and services hold the necessary approvals and are manufactured in accordance with such quality certifications as GOST, API, ANSI, ASME, EN, MSS, and NACE. Welding and surfacing technologies are certified and registered by the National Agency for Welding and Testing. A hydropneumatic testing rig for valves is certified for pressures up to 115 MPa (1150 kg/cm2). The quality management system is certified by TUV as per ISO 9001:2015.


X-movement 1400 mm
Y-movement 940 mm
Z-movement 1100 mm
Head slide Ø 600 mm – 200 mm motion
Pallet size 900 mm x 900 mm
Table size, B axis Ø 900 mm
Tool carrier 54 positions
Max turning diameter 900 mm
Maximum spindle rotation 3000 rpm


X-movement (mm) 400
Y-movement (mm) 300
Electrode support motion (mm) 300
Max. Spindle-table distance 450
Working tank size Length  (mm) 900 / 800
Working tank size Width  (mm) 600 / 500
Working tank size Height (mm) 300 / 380
Work table  (mm) 600 x 400
Max table loading (Kg) 750
Working tank cover Front opening
Max. electrode weight  (Kg) 100 / 50
Average current / max.  (Amp) 60 / 100

This series is designed for high-performance and very accurate machining of parts up to 1400 mm long. The basic configuration has a spindle motor for finish machining of parts and to preclude a subsequent grinding.

Apart from the С axis and the driving (CV model) the VTurn – A series can be additionally equipped with a Y axis (YCV model), back spindel (SCV model), as well as with a BMT turret which can be fixed in an intermediate position, therefore, up to 24 tool can be used (CM model).
For time saving purposes the machines can be equipped with an automatic bar feeder (up to 62 mm), a catcher and a conveyor for finished parts, or a robot can be used for loading of single work pieces and unloading of finished parts as well as other options.


Max turning diameter Ø390 mm; Ø420mm
Specification: 630; 910 / 1360; 950 / 1400; mm
Spindle rpm from 3500 to 6000 rpm
Spindle power 30/37 kW, up to 5364 Nm;
Number of tools 12 pcs.
Hydraulic cartridge size 6/8″; 10″
CNC system Fanuc 0i-TD


Specifications PUMA 240B
Max. Turning diameter mm (inch) 350 (13.8)
Max. Turning length mm (inch) 562 (17.3)
Hole in spindle mm (inch) 65 (2.6)
Main spindle    
Spindle rpm r/min 4500
X-movement mm (inch) 242 (9.5)
Z-movement mm (inch) 580 (22.8)
Fast X-movement m/min (ipm) 24 (944.9)
Fast Z-movement m/min (ipm) 30 (1181.1)
Number of tools 12
Holder size mm (inch) 25 x 25 (1.0 x 1.0)
Diameter of boring bar mm (inch) 40 (1.6)
Fanuc, Siemens

The double bandsaw machines are designed for 90 degrees sawing of solid sections such as: rolled, forged, although they can be used for billet sections.

All double bandsaw machines have a hydraulic blade tensioner, stabilizer with guides and roller bearings, a hydraulic control of feeding pressure and speed, which allows to select the necessary cutting modes and achieve optimal performance and the blade service life. Both bimetallic and carbide blades can be used.


Weight, kg 3500
Overall dimensions, length, mm 2750
Overall dimensions, width, mm 2190
Bandsaw, length, mm 5450
Bandsaw, thickness, mm 1.3
Bandsaw, width, mm 41
Maximum height of rectangular workpiece 90°, mm to 460
Maximum width of rectangular workpiece 90°, mm to 500
Maximum diameter of round workpiece 90°, mm to 460
Main engine power, kW 5.6
Bandsaw tension, Hydraulic
Bandsaw speed, m/min 20 — 100
Vice type, Hydraulic vise

High marking speed of 8700 mm/sec
High engraving quality
Excellent image clarity
Exceptional reliability
Low power consumption
No consumables
Intuitive and tak level software
Easy integration

The Palmary machines have a “Mechanite” base for enhanced vibration resistance, strength and reliability.
The M model has an AA type leadscrew.
The H model has a guide covered with Turcite-B for stable motion, strength and accuracy.
P4 angular bearings on the shaft secure a high precision.
A fully sealed lubrication system has a cartridge design to enhance the precision.
All models accept for M can be equipped with a triple axis automatic control (AD5). There is a number of models with manual, hydraulic, and servo motion
PSG-50 model has reinforced double wall parts to absorb vibrations during hard grinding.
AHR series has a hydraulic longitudinal and transverse table travel and a servo drive for its vertical movement.











Table size, mm 500 х 1000

600 х 1000

700 х 1000

500 х 1000

600 х 1000

700 х 1000

500 х 1000

600 х 1000

700 х 1000

Maximum cross travel of table, mm 560









Maximum longitudinal travel of table, mm 1150 1650 2150
Maximum distance from table to spindle center, mm 600 600 600
A grinding wheel (length x width x bore Ø), mm 406 х 50 х 127 406 х 50 х 127 406 х 50 х 127
Minimum transverse travel, mm 0,1 0,1 0,1
Minimum vertical travel, mm 0,001 0,001 0,001
Automatic vertical feed mm/pass 0,001 ~ 0,999 0,001 ~ 0,999 0,001 ~ 0,999
Grinding wheelhead spindle rpm 1750/1450 1750/1450 1750/1450
Engine power, kW 7 7 7
Weight, kg 6000









Dimensions (length x width x height), m


3,76 х 2,28 х 2,28 3,91 х 2,28 х 2,28 4,77 х 2,28 х 2,28

Closed cycle chamber for hydro-pneumo-abrasive surface treatment, with manual treatment of parts in rubber gloves, control of treatment is visual through a sight glass.
Application: Hydro-pneumo-abrasive surface treatment and cleaning from scale, rust, paint, etc., decoating, roughness reduction.
– quality of Sa-3 treated surface;
– reset roughness from 5Ra to 0,2Ra (class 10) forms a favorable undirected surface topography;
– no thermal influence on the base material;
– controlled revomal of treated material;
– 1,5 times improved  adhesion compared to sandblasting and shotblasting;
– minimum hardening;
– no abrasive in the primary brushing material;
– phosphate sequestering agents eliminate any secondary rust;
– environmentally friendly non-aggressive process: inert, dustless abrasive material, water-related cleaning products instantly settle, passivator has a neutral pH;
– low operating costs.
* Working area dimensions, mm 1000x1000x1400
• Cleaning performance, m2/hour 10-15
• Power consumption, kW 0.85
• Volume of water in a closed cycle, m3 1.0
• Sluice tank, sludge collector, m3 0.9
• Volume of working cone, l 100
• number of loaded abrasive, kg 40
• Compressed air parameters, MPa/m3/hour 0.6 / 300.0
• Cleaning class Sa-3
• Roughness of treated surface, Ra 5.0-0.2
• vent, mm. 160

МК6046 (МК-6046) specification

Designed for a wide range of turning operations: turning and boring of internal cylindrical and conical surfaces, drilling, countersinking and deployment, and also cutting of external and internal metric, inch, modular and pitch threads.
The design and technical characteristics provide high-quality processing of parts from various materials with modern cutting tools at optimal cutting conditions.

MK-6046 is designed for turning and threading.
The workpiece diameter over the frame is 500mm
Part diameter over the caliper, mm 275
Centre-to-t-centre distance, mm 1000
Dimensions, mm 2790x1262x1481
Weight, kg 3100
Motor power, kW 11
Spindle rotation limit Min/Max, rpm 16/2000

JET exclusive protocol acceptance with certified tolerances (DIN 8606)
Solid machine bed made of gray cast iron
Induction furnace hardened and ground frame guides
Headstock with an electromagnetic clutch
Smooth start mechanism protects the motor and increases the drive life
Spindle drive mechanism always works in an oil bath
Spindle rotation limit from 36 to 1600 rpm
Removable frame bridge, gap
Transmission enables the cut threading without gear replacement
Convenient control of longitudinal and transverse feed with a joystick with an acceleration button
Jog mode of the spindle
Hardened and ground gears in the headstock and the gearbox
Adjustment of guide clearance with wedge strips
Centralized system to lubricate a longitudinal slide
Adjustable transverse ravel of the headstock for cone turning
Five-way control shaft with cams


Power consumption 12 kW
Output power 7,5 kW
Voltage 380 V
Turning diameter over the frame 660 mm (gap 870 mm)
Turning diameter over the caliper 420 mm
Centre-to-centre distance 1525 mm
Spindle rpm 36 — 1600 rpm
Spindle cone Ø113 mm 1:20
Spindle hole 105 mm
Tool end size 25х25 mm
Transverse caliper travel 310 mm
Travel of tailstock quill 150 mm
Tailstock quill МК-5
Overall dimensions 3000х1100х1450 mm
Weight 3565 kg

Enhanced precision SAMAT 400MV lathe with digital read-out is designed for all kinds (roughing and finishing) of turning parts including the cutting of metric, inch, modular and pitch threads. The machines are produced with a stepless drive of the main travel.

Advantages of 400 SAMAT
Enhanced (P) treatment accuracy as per GOST 8-82 for SAMAT 400;
High (A) treatment accuracy as per GOST 8-82 for SAMAT 4-00S/S;
all kinds of turning operations, including the cutting of metric, inch, module and pitch threads.
Long period of accuracy and efficiency maintaining.
Main travel drive based on frequency converters that provide stepless control of the spindle speed (V to be added to the designation code).

Can be equipped with a mechanical 8-speed gearbox.
Wide range of longitudinal and transverse feeds.
fast travel of the caliper at idle.
SAMAT 400S/S model can do highly precise operations using both conventional and cutting tools made of a composite material.


Characteristics SAMAT 400 SAMAT 400 S/S
Accuracy class as per GOST 8-82 P A
Largest diameter of treatment over the frame mm 400 400
Largest diameter of treatment over the caliper mm 200 200
Maximum diameter in the flexible manufacturing system* (optional) mm 550
Length of the flexible manufacturing system* mm 160
Spindle hole diameter mm 45 45
Length of workpiece mm 750-1500 750
Size of cone hole in the spindle Morse 6 6
Size of cone hole in the tailstock quill Morse 5 5
Number of spindle speeds stepless stepless
Spindle rpm range rpm 12 — 2200 12 — 2200
Feed limits:
— longitudinal mm/rev 0,05-2,8 0,01-2,8
— transverse mm/rev 0,025-1,4 0,005-1,4
Cutting of thread:
— metric mm pitch 0,25-56 0,25-14
— inch thread per inch 112-0,5 112-2
— modular module pitch 0,25-56 0,25-14
— pitch pitches 112-0,5 112-2
Geometry accuracy of a sample surface, mm
Constancy of cross section diameter at length 200 0,005 0,001
Constancy of longitudinal section diameter 0,012 0,003
Surface roughness after finishing Ra 1,25 0,63
Straightness of end surface mm 0,1 0,0025
Main drive motor power kW 5,5/7,5* 5,5
Machine dimensions, mm:
Length 2270-3000 2700
Width 1110-1050 1220
Height 1505-1450 1570

Russian manufacture 6K82SH machine is designed for all types of milling, drilling, countersinking and hole boring on the parts made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, their alloys and plastics in a single, small-scale and serial production.

A reliable main travel drive and carefully selected gear ratios ensure optimal processing modes under different cutting conditions as well as a complete range of cutting tool capabilities.

Ease of maintenance and quick changeover of devices and tools are especially convenient for a small-scale production. Automatic lubrication system ensures an easy and reliable operation under the most challenging conditions.


Characteristics 6К81Sh 6К82Sh
Working surface of the table, mm 250×1000 320×1250
Maximum table travel, mm
— longitudinal 710 850
— transverse 250 250
— vertical 400 400
Number of feeds 16
Spindle cone horizontal/vertical SO 50 /ISO 40
Drive motor power, kW
— for feeds 1,5
— for vertical spindle 2,2
— for horizontal spindle 5,5
Overall dimensions, length, mm 2135 x 1725 x 2015 2135 x 1865 x 2015
Weight, kg 2500 2560
Accuracy class P


Parameters Machine model
30 w/o read-out
31 with read-out
Accuracy class as per GOST 8-82 V
Table surface size (BxL), mm 200х450
on a sample: – sample size, mm-flatness, microns

– parallel alignemnt, microns

– surface roughness
treated with a grinding wheel face, Ra





Working feeds:

— table, m/min

— caliper, mm/stroke

— grinding head, mm




Maximum travels, mm

— table

— caliper



Max weight of a workpiece to be installed (c/w a tool and electromagnetic plate) 150
Max distance from table surface to spindle axis, mm 450
Grinding wheel dimensions
(DxHxd), mm
Main drive power, kW 2,2
Overall dimensions, mm

— length

— width

— height




Weight, kg 1740


Parameters, units Величина
Working surface of the table, mm 1 250 x 320
Maximum longitudinal travel of table, mm 800
Maximum cross travel of table, mm 320
Maximum vertical travel of the table, mm 420
Distance from spindle face to the working surface of the table, mm 30 — 450
Limit of spindle rpm, min -1 31,5 — 1600
Accelerated longitudinal travel of table, mm/min 4 000
Accelerated cross travel of table, mm/min 4 000
Accelerated vertical travel of table, mm/min 1 330
Max weight of a workpice c/w a tool, kg 1 000
Spindle motor power, kW 7,5
Table motor power, kW 3
Spindle cone as per GOST 30064-93 ISO 50
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) mm 2 280 x 1 965 x 2 265
Weight c/w electric equipment, kg 3 250


Characteristics SRZ-200-01-P SRZ-200P-01
Size of a workpiece, mm
– round
– sheet
Cutting angle: 90° 90°±45°
Cutting accuracy (linearity) 0,5/100
Cutting speed St 20 cm2/min
12х18 H 10
Cutting width mm 1,5
Supply voltage 380 В, 50 Hz
Bandsaw drive 1,5 kW
Band saw speed, m/min.
c/w a frequency converter.
19 -90 (smooth)
Bandsaw dimensions, mm – length
– thickness
– width
Machine weight, kg 420
Machine dimensions, mm
– length
– width
– height

At the beginning of 2016, the NEXT TRADE multi-profile group launched a new direction – the foundry.

Initially, the new facility was created to accommodate internal production needs, diversify business and reduce economic risks.

However, the NEXT TRADE FOUNDRY has also become a successful partner for companies interested in outsourcing a number of processes, especially organizations that do not have their own foundries due to small production volumes. At the same time, the NEXT TRADE PLANT provides competitive ordering terms and production quality to shorter deadlines and at lower prices than large enterprises, which require considerable time to ammend equipment.

NEXT TRADE PLANT employs the green sand casting technology. This allows us to produce parts of different sizes and weights, configurations and complexities for a range of industries, any structure with gears, sprockets, pulleys, or brackets, as well as artistic casting such as bas-reliefs, fire guards, benches, garden sculptures and patio furniture.

We use an L4 cast iron with a special chemical composition. Our metal suppliers are the Tula Rolling Mill and the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant.

The NEXT TRADE PLANT’s main volume of orders comes from agricultural machinery manufacturers from Voronezh, Rostov, Krasnodar and Stavropol regions, which often require bespoke parts and mechanism components. If required by customers, the company can launch a line of exclusive products and manufacture them twice as quickly as large enterprises, as well as providing fast and high-quality service.


The multi-profile NEXT TRADE group provides a wide range of services in mechanical processing, turn-milling metal and manufacturing metal products. To date, the company’s experienced team renders the following services:

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Surface grinding and metalworking
  • Circular grinding
  • Metalworking
  • Bespoke part manufacturing and turning
  • Machining

The multi-profile NEXT TRADE group brings together the leading experts in the field of metal machining. We use the latest equipment for complex machining of parts made of any material (milling, turning, cutting).

For many years, we have been trusted by the largest enterprises of the oil and gas industry, exploration, electric power companies and research institutes.
The company operates the following machining equipment:

  • Trevisan DS 600
  • KS-100-SG manual waterjet
  • ADP5090 pin marker
  • Everising H-460HA double bandsaw machine
  • Puma 280L CNC machining center
  • GS-34M drill-grinding machine
  • DARWIN D1200,D2000
  • 16K20 engine lathe
  • GH-2660 ZH DRO RFS lathe
  • SAMAT 400MV lathe with digital read-out
  • UD2-70 ultrasonic flaw detector
  • 6K82Sh omnimill versatile machine
  • Palmary PSG-C50100 AHR surface grinding machine
  • SRH-200-01P metal-cutting machine
  • Victor V-A26/85CV

This latest-generation equipment ensures rapid order delivery and high quality.
For example, the Trevisan machine is the optimal solution for multi-sided processing of workpieces, especially when combined processing (milling, turning, drilling, etc.) is required. Since machining can be performed on three or four sides per one feed, these machines are indispensable when handling complex body parts. This significantly reduces machining time and enhances product quality without base changing. Thus, a combination of two spindles in Trevisan can replace two or three universal machines.


Along with enhancing the company’s experience and machining technology, Next Trade’s management pays great attention to developing the company’s heat treatment workshop. New unique equipment for thermal and chemo-thermal heat treatment has been purchased and commissioned.

The thermal furnace acquired by Next Trade in 2017 can heat a material up to 1050°C, enabling treatment of parts made not only of simple and stainless metals, but also of heat-resistant alloys. The furnace’s large dimensions allow for parts weighing up to 2.5 tons. The control and data-recording computer system can monitor the accuracy of heat treatment processes at any time.

Moreover, the manufacturer has a laboratory platform to test valves with air and water up to 700 bars.

The heat treatment shop floor was originally created to satisfy internal manufacturing requirements.
However, under many outsourcing contracts the company accomplishes the entire cycle of preparation and heat treatment, i.e. normalization, quenching and tempering, and also issues all required documents and certificates.

At a customer’s request, our specialists can determine and select the optimum heat mode to attain prescribed characteristics or hardness for a material.

The laboratory tests material samples to investigate the chemical composition and material grade and to determine mechanical properties before and after heat treatment (yield strength, tensile strength, elongation, RoA and hardness). If necessary, both material structure and heat treatment state can be studied.