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Interflanged steel ring gaskets

The interflanged steel rings are based on TU 3647-005-51705251-11 “Specification for high pressure pipe connections”. The specification is based  on the recommendations of the Russian State Standards GOST 12.2.003, GOST 2.114 and FNP Federal Rules and Regulations “Oil and gas industry safety regulations”, TR CU 010/2011 “on the safety of machinery and equipment”, TR CU 032/2013 “On safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure”, GOST 28919, GOST 33259, GOST R 53561, GOST 1759.0, GOST 20700, ASTM A320/A320M, ASMA193/193M, ASTM A194/194m, API 6A, NACE Mr 0175.

Can be supplied in bulk or as a full set.
When ordering, please specify the following:

  • gasket type and number
  • reference standard for gasket design and technical requirements.
  • material grade;

Instead of the type and number it is permitted to specify the dimension (nominal diameter and operating pressure), flange facing, flange design reference standard and the technical requirements.

All products shall be enclosed with suitable manufacturer’s certificates. Individual deviations from design and reference documents not affecting the product specification or the contract requirements as well as the product appearance can be acceptable based on manufacturer’s approvals.

Main parameters and characteristics:
Ring type

  • R, RX, BX (as per ANSIВ 16.20), P, BH (as per GOST28919), as per GOST R 53561 for flanges as per GOST 33259

Operating medium in the pipeline: oil, gas, gas condensate, water, drilling mud, their mixtures and flushing water with volume fraction of:

  • CO2 upto 6% (K1 as per GOST 13846);
  • CO2 and H2S upto 6% each (K2 as per GOST 13846);
  • CO2 upto 17% and H2S upto 27% (K3 as per GOST 13846).

Operating temperature range:

  • from minus 60 to plus 100°C for K1 pipes;
  • from minus 46 to plus 100°C for K2 and K3 pipes;
  • from 0 to plus 650C for steam boilers, steam and gas turbines and other connections as per GOST 20700.

Overal dimensions and product weight are specified in the accompanying drawings.

Average service life, years – 10.

The interflanged steel rings can not be reused.

Operating medium characteristics, parameters and operating conditions shall be considered for material selection, i.e.:

  • design pressure
  • min ambient temperature
  • max operating medium temperature
  • chemical composition and properties of the working medium and environment (corrosive, explosive, erosive contaminants)

Material properties of the flanges and spectacle blinds for H2S application shall meet the requirements of NACE MR 0175 after heat treatment.

Material hardness is ≤ 83 HRB for stainless steel gaskets, ≤ 68 HRB for carbon steel gaskets.

OD marking shall contain the following:

  • manufacturer’s trademark;
  • o-ring designation based on ASME B 16.20;
  • material grade;
  • date of manufacture (MM, YY).

A batch tag shall contain the product drawing designation and the batch number.

Limited warranty period is 12 months, but not more than 18 months from the date of shipment from the manufacturer. During the warranty period, the manufacturer is responsible for the manufacturing quality and product functionality. During the warranty period, the manufacturer undertakes to eliminate detected faults at its own expense.

The warranty shall be void in case of:

  • damage caused by violation of conditions of transportation, storage or pipeline connection by the customer;
  • product use for purposes other than intended and parameters and media/environments not specified in the TU specification.